Best Online Abacus Classes in India

Best Online Abacus Classes in India
Online Abacus Classes in India
Online Abacus Classes
Top Online Abacus Classes in India

The Ultimate Guide for Kids: Online Abacus Classes in India

The Ultimate Guide for Kids: Online Abacus Classes in India

Are you looking for the best online abacus classes for your kids? Excel Mind Academy offers excellent online abacus programmes that are engaging and helpful in assisting students in improving their arithmetic skills. These classes employ interactive techniques to teach youngsters the principles of abacus maths, with a focus on making learning entertaining.

Excel Mind Academy is one of the best online abacus classes in India, guaranteeing that students not only understand but also enjoy the learning process. Because of the online platform’s flexibility and ease, children may engage from the comfort of their own homes.

Enroll your child in Excel Mind Academy’s online abacus classes for a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. It is the best choice for parents looking for superior maths instruction because of the skilled teachers and well-developed curriculum. Give your child a strong foundation in math with the best online abacus classes in India from Excel Mind Academy.

Best Online Abacus Classes in India

What are Online Abacus Classes?

What are Online Abacus Classes?

Online abacus classes provide a vibrant and exciting opportunity for students, particularly those in India, to study the ancient technique of mental maths from their homes. These classes, considered among India’s best online abacus classes, employ a user-friendly virtual platform that facilitates interactive learning. Students receive professional instruction in using the Abacus, a centuries-old calculating device, to improve their arithmetic skills.

The instructors in these online abacus classes employ novel teaching tactics to make learning engaging and successful. As they go, participants build a strong foundation in mental arithmetic, boosting their confidence and numerical competence. The best online abacus classes in India focus on personalized attention, ensuring each student grasps the concepts at their own pace. Enrolling in online abacus classes gives up a world of mathematical possibilities, making it an easy and profitable option for students of all ages.

Levels of Online Abacus Classes

Levels of Online Abacus Classes

Best Online Abacus Classes

1. Online Abacus Classes for Beginners:

For those taking their first steps into abacus calculations, the best online abacus classes for beginners provide a solid foundation. These classes have the purpose of presenting fundamental principles, beginning with abacus operation. Learners engage in interactive sessions that gradually build their confidence, ensuring a smooth transition from novice to adept abacus users.

As you explore India’s top online abacus classes, keep an eye out for programs that balance theory and practical application. Look for platforms that offer step-by-step instructions, establishing a welcoming learning atmosphere in which beginners may easily comprehend the complexities of abacus operations.

2. Online Abacus Classes for Adults:

Abacus learning is more comprehensive than that of the younger generation. Online abacus classes for adults cater to those who recognize the cognitive benefits of this ancient tool. These classes emphasise mental arithmetic, memory improvement, and attention. The best online abacus classes for adults integrate real-life scenarios, making the learning experience relevant and enjoyable for mature learners.

Adult students can pick from programmes with various timetables, allowing them to fit abacus practice into their busy life. Whether you’re a working professional or a retiree trying to keep your mind fresh, these sessions give an informative intellectual activity.

3. Online Abacus Classes for Teachers:

Educators who want to bring Abacus learning into their classrooms can take specialised online abacus programmes for instructors. These courses provide educators with the information and skills they need to implement abacus training into their classroom instruction. Curriculum creation, teaching approaches, and effective ways to engage students in abacus-based activities are all covered in the best online abacus classes for teachers.

Teachers may expand their teaching toolset by taking these classes while providing students with a unique and valuable skill set. Look for programmes offering practical ideas and tools to make abacus training more enjoyable for teachers and students.

Benefits of Online Abacus Classes

Benefits of Online Abacus Classes

1. Convenience and Flexibility:
• Online abacus classes offer the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home.
• Flexibility in scheduling allows beginners to choose class timings that suit their pace and lifestyle.

2. Expert Guidance:
• Access to competent and trained teachers guarantees that novices get excellent advice on learning abacus methods.
• Personalized attention in online classrooms aids in efficiently addressing individual learning demands.

3. Interactive Learning Experience:
• Interactive and engaging sessions make learning pleasurable for beginners.
• Visual aids and multimedia tools explain complicated topics and ensure thorough knowledge.

4. Progress Tracking:
• Online abacus classes often incorporate progress-tracking features, allowing learners to monitor their advancements.
• Regular tests and feedback facilitate systematic learning.

5. Skill Development:
• Abacus training helps beginners understand mathematical principles and develop essential abilities such as focus, memory, and problem-solving.
• The progressive increase in difficulty levels provides a solid basis for future mathematical problems.

6. Community Engagement:
• Online abacus classes foster a sense of community among learners through discussion forums and collaborative activities.
• Peer interactions foster a supportive learning atmosphere, which improves the entire educational experience.

7. Cost-Effective:
• Choosing the best online abacus classes in India is often more cost-efficient in adequate classroom settings.
• Savings on transportation and supplies contribute to overall affordability.

8. Accessible Resources:
• Online abacus tutorials include many resources, such as practice sheets, explanations, and interactive games.
• Access to an extensive library of resources improves the learning experience for novices.


Step to Choose Online Abacus Classes

Step to Choose Online Abacus Classes

1. Research:

• Explore the web for the best online abacus classes in India.
• Look for reviews and testimonials to gauge the effectiveness.

2. Flexible Timings:

• Opt for classes that fit your schedule, especially if you’re a beginner.
• Ensure the online abacus classes offer flexibility in timing.

3. Interactive Platforms:

• Select platforms with compelling and participatory sessions.
• Seek for real-time comments to improve your learning experience.

4. Qualified Instructors:
• Ensure experienced tutors lead the classes.
• Look for certificates and experience teaching online abacus classes.

5. Comprehensive Curriculum:

• Look for lessons that cover a broad range of topics for beginners.
• Ensure that the training includes hands-on abacus practice.

6. Tech-Savvy Tools:

• Choose systems that leverage cutting-edge technology to provide seamless learning.
• Ensure compatibility with your devices for a hassle-free experience.

7. Conclusion:

• Enroll in the online abacus classes that align with your preferences and learning needs.
• Make the most of the opportunity to master abacus skills through the best online courses in India for beginners.

Importance of UCMAS Abacus Online Classes

Importance of UCMAS Abacus Online Classes

1. Proven Pedagogy: UCMAS abacus online classes use a proven curriculum that fosters cognitive growth in children, making it one of the finest options for parents looking for beginner online abacus classes.

2. Personalized Learning Experience: These online abacus classes provide a personalized learning experience, ensuring that each kid advances at their rate and adequately understands the fundamentals.

3. Flexible Schedule: Recognising the various demands of families, UCMAS abacus online classes provides a flexible timetable for their online abacus sessions, making it easy for parents and children.

4. Qualified Instructors: UCMAS abacus online classes are led by qualified instructors adept at creating an engaging and supportive learning environment for children. This is an essential consideration while looking for India’s top online abacus lessons.

5. Interactive Sessions: The online abacus classes are interactive, keeping youngsters engaged and interested in learning. The interactive method distinguishes UCMAS abacus online courses from other online abacus classes for beginners.

Why Choose Excel Mind Academy as the Best Online Abacus Classes for Beginners?

Why Choose Excel Mind Academy as the Best Online Abacus Classes for Beginners?

1. Expert Guidance: Our online abacus classes are led by seasoned instructors with extensive experience in UCMAS abacus training. Prepare to begin your study adventure among the greatest in the field.

2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Excel Mind Academy offers a meticulously designed curriculum that caters to beginners. Our online abacus classes cover the essentials, providing a firm foundation for your abacus skills.

3. Interactive Learning: Immerse yourself in a dynamic and stimulating learning environment. Our UCMAS abacus online classes utilize interactive tools to make learning fun and effective. Say goodbye to boredom!

4. Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Life might be hectic, but it should not prevent you from learning. With our online abacus classes, you can schedule your sessions at your convenience. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

5. Proven Results: Join the ranks of successful learners who have benefited from our online abacus classes. Our track record speaks for itself, making Excel Mind Academy the finest choice for UCMAS abacus instruction.

Embark on your abacus learning journey with confidence. Excel Mind Academy stands out as the best online abacus classes in India, offering unparalleled quality, convenience, and expertise in online abacus classes for beginners. Take advantage of an exciting learning experience; enroll now!

Parent's Testimonials

Parent's Testimonials

Anshita Singh
Anshita Singh
March 13, 2024
Excellent classes are going on.. Sapna ma’am is brilliant.. Thank you UCMAS Abacus excel mind academy.😊
Ruchi Khanna
Ruchi Khanna
February 9, 2024
my son is studying in the Academy from past 6 months and can see so much of improvement in his concept understanding. team works on improving the basic and provides strong base. I am thankful to teachers here who works tremendously and provide strong foundation to young kids.
Nidhi Gupta
Nidhi Gupta
January 24, 2024
It's been a year my daughter is taking maths classes from sapna ma'am... she is an extremely effective teacher...her approach for explaining the concept and doubts solving is commendable. She is warm hearted also therefore kids like her so much.
Shilpi Suresh
Shilpi Suresh
January 24, 2024
My son has been with UCMAS for almost 6 months now. The teacher (Ms. Pujita) had been an excellent teacher, being firm yet gentle. I never thought that my son can do online classes still I took a chance however I am glad that I took that chance & now I have seen improvement in him calculating. I would definitely recommend Ms Pujita as a teacher for ABACUS.
January 24, 2024
UCMAS excel mind academy by Sapna jain is the best academy they have Impressive teaching methods which is different from other academy . Well planned worksheets for practice makes my child think beyond prescribed Textbooks.
Richa “RGarg89” Garg
Richa “RGarg89” Garg
January 24, 2024
UCMAS academy ran by Sapna Mam , is one of the highest recommended academy for abacus and other subjects too.. The way of teaching of Sapna Mam and all other teachers in her hierarchy is exceptionally good and they clear the basics and make the foundation strong.. Very polite and always supportive even if it comes to giving extra time to students who are lacking in few concepts in one go… Thankyou 🙏🏻 Highly Recommended 👍🏻
shilpi srivastav
shilpi srivastav
January 24, 2024
One of the best academy for not only ABACUS or maths but for all other subjects too. The UCMAS team is excellent in their work and giving proper attention to each & every student.
puneet Sethi
puneet Sethi
January 24, 2024
This is the Appreciation post for Sapna Ma’am - She is the best…my son is taking classes form her. His concepts are cleared…I’m highly satisfied. Thank you so much ma’am for all your help 🙏🙏❤️



What are abacus classes?

Abacus classes are structured and participatory educational programmes that teach using an abacus, a counting tool with beads on rods, to improve mental arithmetic abilities.

How to learn Abacus online for free?

To learn Abacus online for free, search for the top online Abacus classes in India that offer free introductory lessons or trial periods. Websites like UCMAS abacus online classes may provide resources for beginners.

Which Abacus is best in India?

The best Abacus in India varies based on personal preferences and educational institutions. Consider popular brands like UCMAS abacus for quality and effectiveness in learning.

How to learn Abacus online?

Explore online platforms offering structured courses, such as UCMAS abacus online classes. Enroll in online abacus classes for beginners and follow their curriculum to master abacus techniques gradually.

How many levels of Abacus?

Abacus typically has 8 to 10 levels, each progressing in complexity. Choose a program like UCMAS abacus online classes that offer a comprehensive curriculum, guiding learners through various levels.

Can I learn Abacus online?

Yes, you can learn Abacus online. Look for reputable platforms providing online abacus classes for beginners, such as UCMAS abacus online classes. Ensure the course structure suits your learning style.

Why is Abacus important?

Abacus helps improve mental maths, focus, and cognitive ability. Enrolling in the top online abacus classes in India, like UCMAS abacus online classes, can provide a structured learning environment for maximizing these benefits.

What is the cost of online abacus classes in India?

The cost of Abacus online classes in India varies according on the school, length of the course, and extra materials offered, and can vary from ₹1,500 to ₹5,000 per month. Certain platforms provide bundle offers that span several months or tiers.

How long does the Abacus course?

Classes in an abacus course are held once or twice a week for an average period of 6 to 12 months. Higher levels might lengthen the course even more, guaranteeing thorough study and abacus skill mastery.

What is the age limit for Abacus classes?

There is no age limit for learning, it is advised to begin using Abacus from a very early age in order to grasp its speed and mental math abilities. It is necessary to at least understand basic addition and subtraction concepts and the numbers 1 through 100.

List of 9 Best Online Abacus Classes in India

List of 9 Best Online Abacus Classes in India

If you are looking for reputable online Abacus classes for your child, we have compiled a curated list of the Best online UCMAS Abacus online classes in India, renowned for their high quality teaching method. Whether you are interested in online abacus classes or online vedic math coaching, this list can help you in searching a reliable online abacus classes that caters to your specific needs.

Name Address Phone No. Services
Excel Mind Academy
Plot No. 23, D/1065, Apna Villa Apartment, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075
UCMAS Abacus Classes, ICSE Coaching, CBSE Coaching, Olympiad Preparetion, Vadic Math Classes etc.
Roots Abacus Learning School
Qtr. No. 184, Block 23, Desu Colony, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058
Online Abacus classes, Online Vedic Maths classes, etc.
Vasant Square Mall Vasant Kunj Lower Ground Floor - 11B, New Delhi, Delhi 110070
Online Abacus classes, Online Vedic Maths classes, etc.
Brain Abacus Academy
197/3 GALI NO-3, North, Padam Nagar, Delhi, 110007
Abacus Classes, Vedic Maths, Calligraphy, English & Hindi Handwriting, Graphology etc.
BG-6, 19A, Block BG 6, Paschim Vihar, Delhi, 110063
Online Vedic Maths Classes, Abacus Classes etc.
Educasa Abacus Classes
Metro no. 751, A-18, DK Rd, near Nawada, Mohan Garden, Block A, Mahavir Enclave, Nawada, New Delhi, Delhi, 110059
Online Abacus Classes, Vedic Maths, English Classes, Tuition Classes, Handwriting Classes etc.
SIP Abacus
A-24, basement, Sector 8 Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110077
Online Abacus Classes and Vedic Mathematics etc.
Abacus Trainer
2-77/6, Narsingi, Gandipet Mandal, Ranga Reddy Dist, Behind Of Syndicate Bank, Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA - 500 089.
+ 91 7842 885 885
Online Abacus Classes, Abacus Teacher Training, Vedic Maths Online Classes, Vedic maths Teacher Training etc.
Math Junior
#470, 2nd Floor, Jayachamarajendra Rd, Vijayanagar 1st Stage, Mysuru, Karnataka 570017
+91- 80882 89474
Online Abacus Classes, Vedic Maths Online Classes, Olympiad Preparation etc.

Top 9 Online Abacus Classes in India

Top 9 Online Abacus Classes in India

Excel Mind Academy

We at Excel Mind Academy, the best UCMAS abacus classes in Delhi, are dedicated to preparing your child for a bright future. We understand that a solid educational foundation is crucial for their success, so we offer a comprehensive range of coaching programs. From tuition for students in grades 1st to 10th to specialized training in Olympiad exams, Abacus, Vedic Maths, and English-Hindi proficiency classes, we provide a holistic learning experience.

Courses: UCMAS Abacus Classes, ICSE Coaching, CBSE Coaching, Olympiad Preparetion, Vadic Math Classes etc.

Call: 07906923826

Roots Abacus Learning School

Roots Abacus Learning School offers well-trained and certified Abacus trainers and creative and technology-assisted training at a fair rate. You will see a difference in a few months if your child is below average or above average in school. Learning Abacus not only enhances a child’s mental calculation speed and focus but it also aids in the removal of “math phobia.”

This has an immediate favourable influence on other disciplines. Because the course is short and easy to comprehend, the weekly lecture schedule ensures smooth school academics. They send frequent online progress reports to the children’s parents to assist them in tracking their growth.

Courses: Online Abacus classes, Online Vedic Maths classes, etc.

Call: 090151 33832


Rizenbi teaches Abacus and Vedic Maths to students aged five and up. We handle all of the children’s Maths needs. They also operate a Centre in Laxman Public School Hauz Khas in New Delhi. They now offer online programmes for pupils aged 5 to 13 from anywhere globally.

Courses: Online Abacus classes, Online Vedic Maths classes, etc.

Call: 098105 55246

Brain Abacus Academy

Brain Abacus Academy welcomes you to the fantastic world of learning! The exciting courses include abacus lessons for mental maths proficiency, Vedic Maths for holistic number abilities, Calligraphy for creative expression, and English & Hindi Handwriting to improve your written communication. Learn more about handwriting analysis by diving into the fascinating realm of Graphology. Unleash your full potential by taking advantage of these countless opportunities that blend education and creativity in a nurturing environment. Join them on a journey to increase your knowledge and skills!

Courses: Abacus Classes, Vedic Maths, Calligraphy, English & Hindi Handwriting, Graphology etc.

Call: 099997 96257


At BrainiacGym – Academy of Abacus, students proudly boast 79 national and world records across various calculation categories. Elevate your skills with their short-term courses, including English and Hindi Handwriting Improvement, mastering 30+ types of Rubik’s Cubes, Wooden Puzzle brain teasers, Personality Development, Vedic Maths, Chess, Art, English Grammar, French, and Punjabi classes. They are on a journey of holistic development and achievement. Unleash your potential with BrainiacGym!

Courses: Online Vedic Maths Classes, Abacus Classes etc.

Call: 099996 24660

Educasa Abacus Classes

Educasa Abacus Classes began in 2016, and they are now recognized for training students in both Abacus and Vedic Mathematics, commonly known as Vedic Maths. They conduct similar training programmes in collaboration with Brown Academics in Ontario, Canada.

Abacus fundamentally aids youngsters ages 6 to 12 in speeding up their basic arithmetic operations. Using an abacus helps youngsters increase their attention, visualisation, focus, and brain development.

They have a professional instructor who works with children to help them improve their handwriting in a short amount of time. The English language faculty teaches English grammar and proper pronunciation to high school and college students and people who want to enhance their English later in life.

Courses: Online Abacus Classes, Vedic Maths, English Classes, Tuition Classes, Handwriting Classes etc.

Call: 098100 89096

SIP Abacus

SIP abacus helps children aged 6 to 12 enhance their everyday living skills, such as listening, precision, etc. They also want to strengthen brain functions so that both sides of the brain work properly.

They make the sessions more fun by doing brain gyms and playing brain games. All efforts are directed toward future enhancements. It’s a long programme.

Courses: Online Abacus Classes and Vedic Mathematics etc.

Call: 078348 63131

Abacus Trainer

Abacus Trainer offers interactive, one-on-one online classes for kids in India that teach Vedic Maths and Abacus. Their tailored, well-organized programmes are designed for young infants.

The elite group of knowledgeable instructors. Stay up to date with contemporary teaching techniques and curriculum changes to maintain their position as India’s top abacus learning platform. 

Subject matter specialists create the Vedic Maths and Abacus courses at abacustrainer. They have over 35 years of experience as teachers. They have assisted almost 4000 people. Boost their self-assurance when performing mental math computations.

In addition, it helps youngsters develop their ability to reason, visualise, and enhance their motor abilities.  Hyderabad is the location of their franchisees. They are now aiming to expand their franchise throughout India. They collaborate with educators to provide them with high-quality resources, manuals, expertise, and equipment. They support teachers in starting and growing their businesses.

Math Junior

You may help your child become a mastermind in every manner by enrolling them in MATH JUNIOR’s abacus instruction.  In addition to simplifying and expediting math instruction, mastering the Abacus increases the brain’s 360-degree growth.

To manipulate the abacus’s beads, a youngster must use both hands when using it. The left hand and the right side of the brain cooperate as the fingers move, stimulating the brain’s receptors in both directions.

This so offers the developing brain endless advantages. An efficient algorithm powers computations with the help of abacus, a high-level cognitive ability.

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